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Green Prana Enterprises

CBD Hemp Farming & Integrated Natural Health
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Hemp And Cannabis ARE Now AVAILABLE in Virginia!


Integrated Natural Care In Virginia

Green Prana Enterprises is the parent company of Fertile Ground Hemp Exchange, Chronic Relief Apothecary, Light Up Hemp and the Virginia Cannabis Directory. We are evolving to become a hybrid investment firm specializing in finding Hemp and Cannabis projects that appeal to traditional and non-traditional investors.

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Fertile Ground Hemp Exchange

Regionally Sourced Genetics, Crop Brokering
& Farmer Education

As a go-to source, Fertile Ground Hemp Exchange offers Foundation Genetics CBD/CBG hemp seeds, starts and clones as well as educational consulting and support for farmers new to CBD Hemp agriculture. Additionally, we provide hemp biomass and smokable flower brokerage services.


The Best Cannabinoid Products Available

Chronic Relief Apothecary is our online store providing unique products in both the hemp and cannabis markets. We provide both retail and wholesale services and are a manufacturers representative for outstanding brands with easy drop shipment distribution programs for all products. Our products and services are individually designed with the patient in mind. Our formulas are followed from seed to shelf; we value quality above everything else. Our philosophy believes that healing happens organically- with patience, presence, and earthly harmony.

Light Up Hemp

Delta 8 THC and Smokeable CBD Flower

Light Up Hemp provides top quality smokeable CBD Flower by the pound. Through a partnership with Utoya, Light Up Hemp now also provides Delta 8 THC products.

Our Specialties


– Fertile Ground Hemp Exchange –

Virginia proven cbd hemp clones

Our partners will buy 100% of your qualified CBD hemp crops

Agricultural education on growing CBD hemp in Virginia

– Chronic Relief apothecary –

Pateient formulated, clinically approved high quality cannabis and hemp products.

Our Team

Scott Freeland

Scott Freeland

CEO & Co-Founder

Scott Freeland, CEO & Co-Founder of Green Prana Enterprises, Fertile Ground Hemp Exchange, and Chronic Relief Integrated Natural Care, is paving the way for a new brand of business, agriculture, and healthcare in Virginia.

Although his executive career in the automotive industry was wildly successful for over 10 years, chronic stress and a lifestyle of overstimulation without balance had taken its toll. Transitioning from corporate burnout, Scott fell in love with Sustainable Farming. Unfortunately, with the growing number of Lyme carrying ticks, Scott was infected twice in 3 years, resulting in Chronic Lyme Disease. He now uses CBD with wondrous results on his continuing journey of recovery from Chronic Lyme and EDS (Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome). With this newfound passion for healing, Scott and his partners are opening Chronic Relief in Fall 2019, an integrated health care clinic focused on CBD, Medical Cannabis education, and integrated medicine.

In addition to being a long-term professional patient, Scott has spent 9 years in the farming industry focusing on sustainable and organic vegetable production and is certified in permaculture design. Harnessing his passion for sustainable farming, Scott is devoted to helping family farms prosper.

Adharsh McCabe

Adharsh McCabe

President & Co-Founder

Adharsh McCabe, President & Co-Founder of Green Prana Enterprises, Fertile Ground Hemp Exchange, and Chronic Relief Integrated Natural Care, has spent over 30 years traveling the world alongside lions, tigers, apes, elephants and other endangered species. In that journey he and his family have built and managed a myriad of preserves as well as having created and presented tens of thousands of humorous and riveting live education programs.

Today his focus is in the Industrial Hemp and Cannabis markets. From medicine and supplements to textiles and soil remediation, he believes the future of hemp and cannabis products is boundless. Fertile Ground Hemp Exchange is intensely focused on the evolution of the Virginia Industrial Hemp markets. They are creating the infrastructure necessary to best serve the Industrial Hemp process from source to market. Working in the medical cannabis side of the industry, Chronic Relief is concentrating on bringing an educated holistic process to the 2020 Virginia Medical Cannabis program and providing chronic illness care.

With his partners at Green Prana Enterprises, Adharsh is excited to be a part of the rebirth of hemp and cannabis in Virginia and throughout the world. He invites you to join with Green Prana as they create dynamic and prosperous local, regional and international industries.

Sri Devi McCabe

Sri Devi McCabe

Director of Media Development

Sri Devi McCabe graduated Phi Beta Kappa UVA class of 2016 having already raised humans, chimpanzees and tigers, as well as creating and running successful companies as an entrepreneur. Today, she continues to push her own and everyone else’s horizons in the hemp and cannabis industries while developing her skills as an aerial circus performer. Her current passion, Chronic Relief Apothecary, is a positive force to be reckoned with, co-founded and led by a dynamic team of fabulous lady UVA alumnae.

Gopal Metro

Gopal Metro

Technology Consultant

Gopal Metro has served as a multimedia technologist for over 20 years. He specializes in rapid prototyping and design, web application development, cross-discipline user experience design and technology education. He has founded multiple multimedia companies, holds patent number 10376142, and serves as business strategist and technology advisor for companies in the biomedical, human/machine interface, and music industries.

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